FANTASTIC creates compelling, progressive design narratives and strategies for brands, creators, companies, and institutions.

Creative Services: Art Direction, Branding, Consultancy, Curation, Experience, Graphics, Illustration, Publication, Visual Storytelling.

Design Ethos & Philosophy

Creativity is a process.
Fluff and over-choice hinder our ability to make the best decisions. Great design works step-by-step from ideation and sketches to high-fidelity visualizations.

Create narratives with depth.
From the graphics and illustrations created, to the formats and materials selected, everything works towards strong and compelling narratives.

Design is purposeful.
Every element in every artwork ought to have a strong meaning and purpose. Experiences that are simple, consistent, and clear leaves a lasting impression.

Justin – Principal Designer & Founder

Justin is a multi-disciplinary designer, brand consultant, and strategist. He is the creative lead – working directly with clients to design content and brands with progressive narratives. He has a wide experience working with various industries in both the public and private sectors.

Follow me on instagram @justinchanjl or @fantasticbureau.