Archifest 2019 | Craft

Archifest branding and mastergraphics: Poster/Flyer

Archifest is an annual two-week Architecture Festival in Singapore. The festival features exhibitions, forums, workshops, and other activities that revolve around craft. The theme “Craft is explored through typography. Just as letters form stories, materials form structure, the process of craft is explored through the deconstruction of skyscrapers using a custom-crafted/designed typeface inspired by the organizer’s wordmark.

Festival sub-themes graphic: Objects, Time, Digital

The typeface is also translated into three different interpretations based on the sub-themes of the festival – craft explored through objects, the process of time, and the digital world. Each theme is color-coded and is used in the space and guide to help visitors navigate and explore the activities and offerings of Archifest.


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