Cassandra Chew

Creating a personal branding for Cassandra Chew – the ENFP life coach for modern-day women. A developer at heart, the design features a custom illustrated cherry blossom scene inspired by her experiences in Japan and New York where she fell in love with it. Every branch captures the flower in different stages – from bud to bloom – that signals her vision to cultivate people’s potential. Together with the modern bold wordmark with custom ligatures, creates a simple yey stylised look. The brand exudes growth, modernity and feminity that is genteel and distinct.

Illustration by helloimaginations

The detailed and varied illustration by Zoe (@helloimaginations), allows different scenes to be cropped; creating an adaptive feature wallpaper for different collaterals ranging from website carousels to the name card. Her illustrations allow for different nuanced looks while maintaining a coherent easy-to-apply brand to an otherwise type-driven design.

Adaptive design: One illustration, many looks.


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