Packaging: Corrupted Singapore flag

UNCENSORED is a deck of grim illustrations of the nefarious forces of society. The deck is a collection of questions and explorations of a spectrum of threats ranging from global to political, from technological to societal, etc. FANTASTIC conceptualise the brand name from the organisation’s name CENS (Center of Excellence for National Security) and features a corrupted Singapore Flag as the packaging. The flag’s top and bottom half is translated into the deck’s design.

Thought card: Puppet or Prisoner

Each card features dual illustrations, its duality is used to surprise and engage readers with different subject matter. Every design also uses a different Pantone color that accentuates the story but also keeps each card unique; allowing readers to differentiate the topics/cards.  


Straight v Gay


Top 1% and Zeroes

Losing Ctrl

Explosive Expletives


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